A lucky country

With all that life throws at us, I think it is often easy to forget that we really do live in a lucky country. Last Saturday, after watching the news on TV and viewing the (mostly) terrible events unfolding throughout the rest of the world, I was able to wander outside and fire up the BBQ and prepare for the first outdoor family lunch of the season.

As I expertly watched over my sizzling sausages (as we males do) I paused for a second to take in my surroundings. The sun shone through our blossoming Elm tree and cast dappled shadows on the ground. Butterflies fluttered about the roses and I felt particularly proud of the aromas that I was fairly sure would be making all the neighbours hungry.

Most of all I felt a sense of gratitude. We don’t have to live behind barbed-wire fences, or worry about a mortar exploding in our back yard. Our kids can run in the playground or on the beach in safety.

A Spring catalyst

Now, logically I have always known these things. I think it was the Spring sunshine that had brought it to the fore of my mind and it struck me: why is it that we only make resolutions in the New Year? Surely now is the time to make decisions. As we shake off the cold (literally for a lot of us) and actually see new life bloom all around, surely this is a more appropriate time to make resolutions, rather than waiting until we are half way through what promises to be another long, hot summer?

So I wonder what it is that you would like to put into motion? Maybe now is the time to think about where you would like to be next year. Take a walk outside, breathe in some sunshine and take advantage of this place we are fortunate enough to call home.

Now is a great time to re-establish goals with your child 

For many students this time of the year is the ‘home stretch’. For those older ones it might be helpful to keep their eyes set on next year; have them think about why it is they are putting in all the effort. For younger students who might have received their NAPLAN results, this is an excellent time to take stock of the situation and plan a way forward.

Success does not happen overnight; setting small goals and achieving them is the best way to get to where we want to be. Sometimes it’s easier to do that when the sun is shining!