It’s the first day of September and sure enough, the sun is shining.  While the temperature is just in the high teens and if I’m honest I do still feel a twinge of jealousy at the 30 degree forecast where my parents live up in Cairns, I think wearing a t-shirt for the first time this season felt all the more special because we don’t get to do it all year round.

There is something nice about having four seasons in a year.  Barbeques in the summer, cosy fires in the winter, blankets of red leaves in Autumn and bursts of blossom in the Springtime.

I know that the tradition is to set resolutions at the beginning of the calendar year, but in some ways I find this difficult.  Usually at that time I’m feeling bloated from too many Christmas lunches and it’s too hot to really feel motivated enough to make significant changes.

Spring, on the other hand, marks a definite change from the cold, short winter days, to an emerging newness.  We have a lot that we take for granted in our beautiful country.  What better time is there to take stock and make changes than when we can stand in the sun and literally enjoy the warmth of a new season?

Mentalfloss.com (what a great name for a website!) even gives 15 ‘Scientific Reasons Spring Is The Most Delightful Season.’

As well as being able to spend more time outside, being able to open the windows means we can invite the outside in.  We become more creative, have more energy and get more natural vitamins simply because of the change in our lifestyle.  Apparently, the crime rate also drops as the weather warms up!

Perhaps if you’re not convinced yet, it might be a good idea to put down your mobile phone, slap on a hat, wander down the street and see how many blooms you can spot!

Take some time to enjoy the sunshine, take stock of where you are at and think about what realistic goals you can set right now.