Mesh secrets revealed!

From time to time I get asked why the tutoring we do at Mesh is so successful.  While my usual response would be that we try to give each student what he/she needs as an individual, there are some key policies that we have in place across the board that make this achievable.

Challenging but achievable
Firstly, we strive to get the difficulty level of work right.  If topics are too easy, boredom will eventually set in.  If the work is too hard, it won’t be understood in enough depth to be retained for the long run.  The initial test are important for this as they provide us with a benchmark and they make it easy for tutors and parents to see where a child’s strengths and weaknesses lie.

We believe all kids love to learn
It is our belief that children enjoy learning new things as long as they are set up for success.  This means more than just a gold star or a big tick.  We are always striving for that ‘lightbulb’ moment where we can see that the child has finally ‘got’ it.  As a teacher, this is one of our greatest joys.

In a tuition environment we have the ability to break topics down and deliver them in small chunks, targeting exactly what needs to be learnt at a pace that suits each child individually.

Every child is different
It might sound like a cliché but getting to know each student really does help with the learning process.

For example, if a child is getting stuck on percentages at school and we know that they find fractions challenging, we have the advantage of immediately knowing what part of the question is most likely causing problems.

Methods and materials
All the materials we use have been designed specifically for a tuition environment.  Activities are carefully tiered, so that they gradually get more challenging as a child’s ability level increases.

Revision is built into the system so that we are able to check that students are retaining skills.  Our iPads are not used for games – they are an important tool that we utilise to check understanding and promote independence.

Qualified, dedicated teachers
Many of you will notice that the way subjects are taught has changed over the years.  Our tutors are qualified teachers who understand current techniques and the requirements of the curriculum.  Having the best materials in the world will not help if the people delivering the content are not competent and caring.

We are always happy to talk to you about any aspect of the service we offer.  Please book an appointment if you have any questions at all.