Free Assessment

How can we help?

Free Assessment and Consultation

Before we start with any child, we want to get to know them and we want to meet you, the parent, too! Most of all, our free assessment is;

  • Objective and honest (we let the results speak for themselves)
  • Obligation-free
  • Clear – you will receive results on-the-spot
  • Conducted in a friendly, relaxed manner

We know what works

With over 20 years in education we have worked with literally thousands of children.

We have a passion for helping students achieve their best. We don’t waste time with techniques that are not effective.

In line with the new Curriculum

We’re local. Everything we teach your child is in line with the new techniques and methodology contained in the new Australian curriculum.

Online support

When you enrol your child with us we usually recommend they attend once or twice a week. If they need extra support, this is also available online.

Questions to ask when choosing a tutor

Does my child really need help?

It may be that your child is actually fine academically. An unbiased assessment should show exactly how your child is performing compared to children of a similar age.

Are these people qualified?

To gain a teaching degree teachers have to dedicate years of their life, which shows that they’re serious about education. Especially now, with the changes to the curriculum, teachers are best placed to use the right techniques for tutoring your child.

Is there an objective way of knowing they are making a difference?

Don’t take the tutor’s word for signs of improvement. There should be an unbiased way of making sure your child is improving. Ask the tutor how this will be done.

Is there a proven record of success?

How do you know the tutor will be able to deliver? Most importantly, you need to make sure the methods work and that success stories are not based on the performance of children who would likely do well in any case.

Will these methods confuse my child?

The last thing you want is for your child to be confused because at school they are being taught using different techniques to what they learn in tuition. Older students will lose marks for not showing the correct working.

Are these people dedicated to tuition or is this just a way for them to make some extra cash in their free time?

At MESH, we don’t do anything else. Our reputation rests on the quality of the tuition we provide.

Have these people invested their own resources so that I can tell they are serious about tuition?

Most tutors are happy for the student to show up with a text book. Tutoring that gets long-term results requires a lot more than this. You can tell a lot about the dedication of a tutor by the amount of preparation that is done before the session.

Is my child going to enjoy tuition here?

Getting started is one thing. Keeping your child motivated is often much harder. Does the tutor use engaging materials? Do they relate well to children? Most importantly, do they get results? More than anything else, students gain satisfaction from sensing that they are able to succeed.