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Frequently Asked Questions

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If a student is struggling in a certain areas at school, then this is usually a sign that tuition might help, however things are not always this clear-cut.  If your child is lacking in confidence, or you feel that he/she can ‘do better’ an assessment will determine whether academic tuition will help.  We try to be as objective as possible and let the results speak for themselves.

Other students love particular subjects and benefit from extra stimulation to keep them motivated.

Basically, we aim to support the learning your child does at school.  It may be that the constraints of the classroom teaching system simply don’t fully cater for what your child needs and that’s where we step in.

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Because we design a course of tuition for each individual child, our system works well for all students.  Whatever their skill level, we make sure that an individual package is prepared so that they are appropriately stimulated.

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Tuition online is generally delivered via recorded videos.  While there might be a novelty for a short time, in the long run a personal tutor is still needed as well as this, so you end up spending money twice.  Consider the following;

What if your child does not understand the technique the teacher has used in the recording?  No matter how many times the video is watched it still won’t make sense.

An experienced tutor might be able to teach the topic from a different perspective.  There also might be another reason why your child is struggling.  Perhaps, for example, there is an underlying topic that was not fully understood.  A great tutor (like the ones we employ) will be able to determine this and help build solid understanding, rather than just applying a band-aid fix and hoping that it ‘sticks’.

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There is no doubt that kids love working on computers. They are a great motivational tool. At MESH we are careful, though, to make sure that students do more than just play games. We use iPads as an effective learning tool to support the concepts that have been explained by the tutors. Our software is designed in-house specifically for the tuition environment and has been trialled and proven to be effective.

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This depends on a number of factors and our assessment will give you a clear and objective view of your child’s performance. We can give you an estimation of how long the tuition will take at this point. Although each child is different, most students stay with us between 6 and 18 months. Our goal is to have them become independent learners who do not need to rely on a tutor. Once they reach that point, our job is done!

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Sessions cost $50.00 each per subject. We recommend a minimum attendance of once a week, although many children benefit from attending more frequently. There are discounts for payments made per month and per term. Call us for more details.

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Mesh Learning® is a continuation of decades of experience helping students reach their goals.  The systems and techniques used have been carefully researched for maximum effectiveness.  All tutors are fully qualified and experienced.

Our people are passionate about learning and have a desire to see children reach their potential.