Designed with learning in mind

Our centre is purpose-built for tutoring

At Mesh Learning we take learning seriously.  Our centre is safely and conveniently located in a small shopping complex.  You will find it is well-lit and there is plenty of parking.  We also have toilet facilities located within the centre.

We run our own software on iPads to support the individualised teaching that students get.  Our resources only work as well as the teachers using them, and we only employ qualified teachers who are passionate about learning.

Our centre is bright and bold.  Even children who don’t like school enjoy their time with us!

Why do we only tutor at the centre?

There are two main reasons why we do not send tutors to your home.

Firstly, we have literally thousands of worksheets and a vast array of resources.  If your child comes from school and needs to focus on a particular topic, we have something at our fingertips.

Secondly, as the centre director, it is important that we know students are being taught well.  Being able to physically monitor the teaching that happens at our centre means that we know students are getting a first-rate service.

Why not contact us to book a tour of the centre?  You are welcome to ask us questions about any aspect of our service.