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Could the Winter Blues be affecting your child’s academic performance?

“ ‘Tis the Winter of our discontent,” mused Shakespeare. tells us that while “Summer is a period of fruition, fulfilment, happiness, or beauty,” Winter is “a period characterised by coldness, misery, barrenness or death.” Most of us would admit that we eat more, do less, catch more colds and have less energy when it … Read More

Engaged Learning vs. Just Getting the Answer

Most of us with children have no doubt looked at their work and realised that far more of what is taught is done so from a problem-solving point of view than when we were at school.  And yet too often we (parents and teachers alike) still insist on getting straight to the answer. Now, of … Read More

How can I improve my child’s attention span?

Studies reveal that we now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish. According to a study by Microsoft, on average we have the ability to focus for a mere 8 seconds! This photo shows a man so engrossed in his phone that he misses a humpback whale swimming past his yacht.  Is it any … Read More

Do our children really need to learn Maths at school?

One of the most common complaints heard by a Maths teacher must be, “Why do we need to learn this?”  Even though schools now approach all subjects with a more integrated approach, it is often still difficult to explain to a 13 year-old that it is necessary to understand what Pythagoras was on about so … Read More

Which apps should I download for my child?

Have you bought an iPad or tablet for your child for Christmas but don’t know what to load it with?  There are literally thousands of apps on offer and some of them are more desirable than others. Play them yourself My first piece of advice, if you have young children, would be to test drive … Read More

What do NAPLAN results really mean for my child?

Most of you should now have NAPLAN results for your children. After looking at all the dots, bands and triangles and then reading all the negative press that NAPLAN gets, you might be asking yourself what the point of it all really is. Purpose While I am not a fan of the format NAPLAN takes … Read More

How to get your child to do their homework

You’ve rushed from work, just managed to pick up the kids from school just as the bell rang, made it home in one piece and now it’s time to think about getting dinner started.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to chase the kids around the house to try to get them to … Read More

Learning and Gadgets

It used to be that you could control how much you wanted your child to use technology, but these days the current trend towards using iPads and laptops at school means that our children are using such gadgets at an earlier age and also in environments other than the home. There are plenty of discussions about the … Read More

Learning for retention

Your child walks through the door and you ask, “So, what did you do at school today?” to which you usually get a response of “Not much” or something similar.  While you might just think that he/she is typically absent-minded the truth is that we only retain a small fraction of the information we are … Read More

How to motivate your child

“I know he can do it.  He just isn’t motivated.”  This is a phrase I seem to hear on a daily basis.  As parents we obviously want our children to achieve in life to the best of their ability, so it can be incredibly frustrating when we see them perform at a level below what … Read More