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Formative vs Summative Assessment

Many of you will have received NAPLAN results for your child recently and you may have heard the suggestion that NAPLAN-style testing should be replaced with a ‘formative’ assessment process.  If you’re wondering what this means, you’re not alone. Robert Starke summed up the difference well when he said, “When the cook tastes the soup, … Read More

Springtime Goalsetting

It’s the first day of September and sure enough, the sun is shining.  While the temperature is just in the high teens and if I’m honest I do still feel a twinge of jealousy at the 30 degree forecast where my parents live up in Cairns, I think wearing a t-shirt for the first time … Read More

Raising confident kids

As a tutor, I see first hand that confidence plays a key in the success our children have, both socially and academically.  In fact, instilling self-belief is absolutely necessary if we are to make any progress with students acquiring any literacy or numeracy skills. There are many websites with content by ‘experts’ to give you … Read More

Apps that can help your child get organised

While most of us would agree that our kids spend too much time on their iPads, there are actually tons of applications out there that can be quite useful for students.  If they can’t put it down anyway, why not put that device to some good use?   *Before we get started, it is worth noting … Read More

Mesh Learning Secrets

Mesh secrets revealed! From time to time I get asked why the tutoring we do at Mesh is so successful.  While my usual response would be that we try to give each student what he/she needs as an individual, there are some key policies that we have in place across the board that make this … Read More

How you say it is just as important as what you say

I was introducing one of my Primary students the other day to the idea of irony, when she asked me, “So how do we know if someone really means what they say or not?” Because most of us grow up in a consistent social environment that presents us with norms we instinctively develop the maturity … Read More

Keeping motivated through the colder months

Many of us find that our habits unconsciously change when the weather turns cold.  If the sun is not shining we often find that energy levels drop and so too does our productivity. Stay active The middle of the school year is often where the most important concepts are taught and so students need to … Read More

Digital natives or digitally naïve?

Are you continually amazed at how your toddler seems to intuitively know whether to swipe, tap or click their way to successfully navigate an app they set eyes on only a few seconds ago?  Techopedia, the encyclopedia of all things technology-related, calls such individuals ‘Digital Natives’ – individuals “born after the widespread adoption of digital … Read More

Positive Reinforcement (Getting Things Done and Keeping Your Sanity)

Waking up early, packing the bag, arriving at school on time and getting homework finished.  It all starts again in less than a week!  Surely there must be a better way than getting through it all than last year? There are plenty of sites that will help you ‘de-stress your morning routine’.  This one even … Read More

Is play on the way out?

Why, you might ask, given that I run an education centre, would I be writing an article about the merits of children spending time more time playing? While grasping academic basics is essential in building a foundation for learning, exploring the outdoors and using our imagination are just as important for developing cognitive and social skills. … Read More