About Us

With more than 25 years experience in education, we take tutoring seriously. All our tutors are qualified, experienced teachers with a passion for learning.

Our Mission

We aim to offer an individualised service that will positively impact students’ lives.

The Mesh Philosophy

All of us gain satisfaction from our achievements. Successful learning occurs in the same way. If a child is given work at an appropriate level, taught with professionalism and caring, using proven materials that are modern and relevant then success is not just possible; it is inevitable.

The People

Our Directors

Ben McLean

In addition to teaching in the private and public sector, Ben ran one of the largest private tuition centres in South Australia for many years. He was subsequently employed by a publicly listed Australian Education company (Kip McGrath Education Centres) as a consultant to aid in developing their overseas operations.

His qualifications include a Grad Dip Ed, B Mus and MBA. Ben has experience in curriculum development and has produced several books designed to facilitate the teaching of literacy and numeracy.

Rose McLean

Rose has taught in classrooms in the United Kingdom and Kenya and also has significant experience in the tuition industry. She has always had a strong belief that all children deserve a high quality education and is passionate about seeing that educational services have a direct positive impact on children’s lives.

Rose is a registered teacher in South Australia and holds a Bachelor of Education. Having taught students who attend schools that use a variety of curriculum systems, she is an expert at tailoring appropriate courses of instruction for students.


Our Assessment is free and tests we use will give an indiaction of the total duration of tuition needed.

Standard sessions are $50.00 per one-hour session for years 1 – 10. Pricing for years 11 – 12 varies depending on subject availibility.

We usually recommend a minimum attendance of once a week, however some students benefit from attending more frequently. Discounts for payment in advance may be available. Call us for more details.

Our Guarantee

Our standardised assessment utilises third-party tests and will objectively and accurately indicate your child’s current skill level. We periodically reassess all students and we are 100% confident that you will see that your child has made progress. Full details of the tests we use and the conditions of the guarantee are available at our centre. Call us to arrange a no-obligation appointment to discuss this further.